Call for Papers

Call for Speakers is closed. Thank you for your applications!

About DroidKaigi

DroidKaigi is a conference tailored for developers organized by developers. Its main focus is to provide developers a place to network and share knowledge with their peers.
DroidKaigi 2017 saw over 800 developers with 76 sessions.

Call for Papers

DroidKaigi2018 is currently accepting speaker applications. Please choose a topic from the list below and fill out the form with your talk’s title and abstract. For better session selection, topics have been further segmented this year.


UI and Design

  • Material Design
  • Drawables
  • Animations etc.

Designing App Architecture

  • Clean Architecture
  • Android Architecture Components
  • DI etc.

Development Process and Methodology

  • Growth Hacks
  • Release Management
  • Android/iOS Parallel Development etc.

Team Building and Development Conventions

  • Team Development/Team Building
  • Code Review etc.


  • CircleCI, Jenkins, TravisCI, Bitrise
  • OpenSTF, FirebaseTestLab etc.

Hardware and IoT

  • Cameras, Sensors
  • Video, Images, and Audio Technology
  • Arduino, Drones etc.

Quality and Sustainability

  • Operation
  • Testing
  • Backward Compatibility/Device Compatibility
  • Security

Android O

  • Doze
  • Notifications etc.

Android Framework and Support Library

  • Inside Android, Media, Protocol Stacks
  • OS Version Differences etc.

OSS Development and Management

  • OSS Development and Management as an Individual
  • Community-driven OSS Development and Management etc.

Hands-on Codelabs

  • Kotlin Hands-on Lab
  • Hybrid Framework Hands-on Lab

Productivity and Tools

  • Android Studio
  • Build Systems(Speed, Efficiency etc.)
  • Firebase etc.


  • TV, Watch, Home
  • Auto etc.


  • Anything that doesn't fit into the categories above

Submission Details

Submit the topic, title, and abstract (1,500 characters max) of your talk from here. You may edit yourapplication until the deadline with the account used for submission.
The title, abstract, name of speaker, and other details of applications will be published regardless of their result. The above topics are for selection purposes, and are subject to change in the final timetable.

Submission DeadlineOct 15, 2017 23:59 JST
Result AnnouncementEarly-November 2017
TicketsIf selected, you will not need a ticket for admission.
Those not selected may purchase tickets at a discount price even after they sell out.
Submission Form

Applications are more likely to be accepted if they are:

  • Android specific
  • Involves an area of expertise (i.e. not about a subject widely known)
  • Innovative (i.e. about a topic that demonstrates something thought to be impossible or very hard to achieve)

Previous applications can be viewed here: 2015 2016 2017

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